Company Policy

Airtekk Company Policy: 


Orders may be cancelled with in 5 business days from the initital order for a full refund if it has not been shipped.. We will not refund after the 5th day or orders that have been shipped out.

When placing your order online and or in the store you are (customer) is responsible to check if all information is correct before committing to the order. If you don't see the mistake initially and only there after receiving the product we are not responsible for placing the wrong product. As custom orders can not be returned once completed.

Any Airstruts or kits that have been installed may not be returned or refunded as we can not refurbish the custom kits.

We do hold a 1 year warranty on struts and bags, Big Brake Kits seals and Forged Wheel Lines along with Air bag conversion.

We will not warranty any human error installation, example ” I did not check for clearance and my factory wheels rub and popped my bags” that is a human error. We will replace the bags if or shocks or any brakes seals issue. 

For Airstruts ​install fitting gently on an angle and also add teflon. PLEASE BE GENTLE WHEN INSTALLING FITTINGS. It must go in easy if not you will cross thread and damage the port and we are not responsible for.

Be aware if you over torque a strut top center bolt over 40lbs or snap it we can not warranty it.

We will not warranty a wheel if it falls in to a pot hole or from any car accident.

If you order a conversion kit from us and your give us the wrong dimension we are not held accountable. We do offer the custom build and we give you the opportunity to send in your coilovers to have them scan to a precise measurement.

We will not warranty any shock or struts that are cut or welded in any way, that is automatically a void on warranty.

Before installing your airstruts make sure all management is powerd up and functional, You want to be sure management is working, once you have it running

you may move on to the airstruts. The car must be up on all four on jack stand or on a lift and then you can proceed installing the airstruts. Once you have installed the

airstruts to your vehicle connect the air lines and proceed inflating the airstruts with air over 90 psi. The reason you want to add to the air the struts is because one it's easier

to check for any leaks on the fittings once up in the air, 2 easier to lower on the ground to get off jack or car lift. 3. Also adding air to the bag, it will expands the bags to clear

the shock shaft and will keep the bag from wrinkling and causing any type of inner pinch which would result in damaging the bag. If this happens we will not warranty the air bag.

** we are not responsible for any shocks that are seized to lower mount because of seasonal conditions such as rain, snow or salt that can cause rust to metal components